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‘Strategies Applied in Translation of Neologisms in Energy Field Jour-nalistic Texts Based on Newmark’s (1988) Model’ – Hajar Khanmohammad & Parvin Faghfouri


The present study aimed to shed light upon the nature of the differences between Dictionary Equivalents of Archaeology Terminology and Those Suggested by Archaeology Experts and sought to discover if technical terms in Persian language texts follow the same patterns in comparison with their English correspondence in Archaeology texts. In this regard, English and Persian translation of some texts in energy magazines and books were selected as the corpus to investigate the probable differences or similarities between the strategies that are applied in word formation. The researcher conducted a careful comparative content analysis of both bilingual dictionaries and the Academy of Persian Language and Literature (APLL) principles by considering word formation and analyzed them based on APLL principles.  The researcher found out that there is a unity among equivalents in bilingual Archaeology Dictionaries. Moreover the results of this research showed there was not any significant difference between the percentages of the strategies used by the translator/s for choosing terms at the probability levels of 95% and 99%. Therefore, in general, existing bilingual dictionaries and APLL obey similar principles in word formation and choosing equivalences in the field of Archaeology.

Index Terms: translation, neologism, journalistic texts, Newmark’s (1988) model.

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