‘A Critical Analysis of the Translated Movie Titles from English into Persian Based on Peter Newmark’s Translation Theories’ by Nikoo Rahiminezhad Yazdy & Bahram Behin


The present study aims to investigate the quality of the movie titles Persian translation as well as to render the applicable strategy for their translation based on the translation theories of Peter Newmark. According to Newmark, there are two main methods of translation (semantic and communicative). To that end, the English titles of 100 movies along with their Persian translation were investigated. They were chosen randomly for the fair distribution of notice. Based on the title translation and two main translation methods of Newmark (1988) as well as the study of many movie titles, the researcher came to conclusion to classify the movie title as follows: the proper names, calque words, concrete words and metaphorical words. The nature of each group was elaborated. Newmark discusses in details about proper names, borrowing words and metaphors. So, the critics over the titles translation have been carried out with regard to his suggestions, the context of the story, the genre and the audience of the movie. The plot summaries also were studied in order to fairly decide on the meaning of the title, since the title is an abstract of the whole movie. Consequently, the made attempts led the study towards some strategies considered to be appropriate way of the movie title translation.

Key Words: Calque Words- Communicative Translation- Concrete Words- Metaphorical Words- Semantic Translation- Title

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