‘A Critical Review of Jenifer Jenkins’s Lingua Franca Core in the Context of English as an International Language’ by PARESH JOSHI


The present paper primarily endeavours to critically review the efficacy of Lingua Franca Core (LFC) by Jenifer Jenkins in the emerging contents of English as an International Language (EIL). There is hardly any consensus on norms for teaching pronunciation among the researchers. There is an increasing amount of protest against the use of Received Pronunciation (RP) as universal norm for teaching pronunciation in favour of non-native speakers (NNS) who are an English speaking majority today. The NNSs out outnumber the native speakers by a huge margin. Bearing in mind the majority of NNSs, Jenkins argues against the hegemony of the native standards for teaching pronunciation and very strongly maintains that the standardization of norms should take in to consideration NNSs. Considering the prevailing contexts of EIL, she proposes LFC as a solution which according to her is simplified version of RP and takes into account evolving contexts of English in Outer and Expanding circles. The
paper critically examines LFC as whole by evaluating proposed seven priority areas for teaching pronunciation for facilitating international intelligibility in English. The paper also examines how much it deviates from RP in favour of NNSs. Finally, the paper would try to answer whether LFC is useful to NNSs for attaining international intelligibility in English.

Index Terms: Lingua Franca Core (LFC), Inter language Talk (ILT), International Intelligibility,
Received Pronunciation (PR), Common Core, Universal Norms, Native Speaker (NS), Non-Native
Speaker (NNS)

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