‘A study on the Influences of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) upon Iranian EFL Learners’ Writing Enhancement Level’ by Jamshid Mashhadi, Ahmadreza Jamshidipour, Mohammad Khatami


The main purpose of conducting the ongoing article is to explain whether Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has ascendancy and advantage on Iranian EFL learners’ writing performance and improve the positive influence upon this skill in the classroom and beyond. To this end, a sample of fifty male and female English language learners was drawn from an English language institute in Iran. These learners were divided into two experimental and control groups, 25 and 25 respectively. An independent sample t-test was run to find if there were significant differences between the results of the two selected groups in their writing test. Our hypothesis was that providing learners with CALL during learning and instruction for learners will have a positive impact upon their writing enhancement and learning. However, it was finally revealed that CALL users’ improvement was meaningfully higher than that of nonusers (DF=48, P< .05).The findings suggest that CALL has culminated in a greater improvement in students’ writing. Put another way, CALL users outshone than nonusers. The study therefore supports the conclusion and deduction that English language practitioners’ use of CALL has the potential to promote more effective writing instruction.

Keywords: CALL, writing, EFL learners, English institute

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