‘A Two-Way Evaluation of Practical Uses of Group Work Activities In ELT Course Books’ by Saman Ebadi (Ph.D.), Shokoofeh Vakili Latif & Elham Bahramzadeh

Abstract: This study investigated the effectiveness of group work activities in five well known and randomly selected ELT course books used in Iran. Group work activities were analyzed based on the Jacobs and Ball`s(1996) evaluative framework to find out about their possible match or mismatch with cooperative learning and task based teaching principles. Later, semi-structured interviews were conducted to find out about learners’ perspectives on group work activities. The conformity between findings of text analysis and interviews pointed out to the failure of group work activities to meet the condition of positive interdependence. Results also showed that most of the activities were one way (static) tasks which could not contribute to meaning negotiation and language use and usage development of learners. The findings of this study have implications for the structure of group work activities in ELT course books and could be used to humanize them and serve the needs of students.

Index Terms: Cooperative learning, ELT course books, group work activities, task-based teaching.

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