‘An Analysis of the Effects of Audio – Lingual Method of Teaching on the Listening & Speaking Skills of Students’ by Naheed Haq


The Audio- Lingual Method is one of the teaching methods of English. This research was carried out to study the effect of Audio- Lingual Method (ALM) of teaching on the listening and speaking skills of students at intermediate level.

The objectives of the research were to study how much impact the audio-lingual method has on the listening and speaking skill of students and to instigate the attitudes towards ALM. The subjects were 20 students of F.Sc. It was an experimental process of eight weeks, which began with a listening & speaking pre-test in the first week. At the end of the last week, the subjects took the post test.

The research outcome revealed the significant effects of audio lingual method on the listening and speaking skills of students.

The post test scores of their listening and speaking skills were higher than that of the pre-test. The students also took great interest in learning and showed terrific improvement in their listening & speaking skills.

Majority of the English teachers also favoured the Audio-Lingual method.

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