‘Communicative Approach towards Teaching Of English Prepositions’ by VIPUL B. GODHANIYA


Preposition is a very important part of speech in English. Not only there are a great number of them in English, but also they are used for a wide range of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic functions. Knowing how to use prepositions correctly in English is considered a yardstick against which one’s English level is measured.  It is difficult to learn and to teach correct usage of English prepositions. They make confusions even for native speakers also. The successful teaching of English prepositions depends upon the correct usage of them and practical or communicative approach towards them. English language and grammar have been taught through various methods, techniques, and approaches since the discipline ELT came into existence. Some of the methods are popular like direct method, audio-lingual method, silent way method, suggestopedia, and natural approach, community language learning method, total physical response method, and structural-situational approach among the language experts. But these methods haven’t played significant role in second language learning. So, experts of ELT are bound to investigate impressive techniques for teaching of second language. It would be fair to say that if there is any one umbrella approach to language teaching that has become the accepted ‘norms’ in this field, then it would have to be the Communicative Language Teaching Approach. This is also known as CLT. The present research paper aims to discuss teaching of English prepositions with the help of Communicative Language Teaching Approach. Researcher suggests some useful methods to teach English prepositions in this research paper. This paper may help teachers of English for discussing English prepositions in language classrooms.

Key terms: Communicative Approach, English Prepositions

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