‘Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis in Language Teaching: Friends or Foes’ by Shivani


The paradigm of teaching and learning of a second language has always encountered the problem and the much debated issue of learners’ errors. The teachers and linguists always seek to find the causes of error made by second language learners so as to optimize the performance of the learners. For this purpose various theories like contrastive analysis, error analysis, interlanguage etc. have been proposed by linguists from time to time. The present research paper is an attempt to suggest a teaching methodology where contrastive and error analyses act as complementary to each other rather than being opponents to each other.  In this paper I will discuss the concept of Contrastive and Error analyses in detail followed by discussion on action plan incorporating the components of contrastive and error analyses for the teacher of English as a second language.

Key words: Contrastive analysis (CA), Error analysis (EA), First language (L1), Second language (L2), Target language (TL)

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