‘Developing EFL Learners’ Speaking Ability, Accuracy, and Fluency’ by Mobina Rahnama, Neda Fatehi Rad & Hamid Bagheri


One of the most important goals of teaching English as a foreign language for learners is speaking because learners are interested in using second language effectively and fluency. However, EFL learners may have some problems in speaking accuracy and fluency in English speaking; they endeavor to find some solutions to communicate well in society. Thus, they need to master in second language skills through interesting materials, empowering activities, and proper opportunities to practice speaking. In addition, they require to have longer time to practice it. To achieve this goal, EFL learners need to acquire second language learning from their childhood. Moreover, it is recommended to emphasize optimal and conductive environment in the classroom so that teachers have vital roles in creating suitable and friendly environmental classroom. This article is concerned with how teachers can improve speaking skills and some factors which influence learners speaking competence.

Index Terms: accuracy, communicative competence, fluency, speaking competence

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