‘Developing English Communicative Skills of Grade Five Students from Primary Schools in Lampang through Task-Based Learning’ by JUAJAN WONGPOLGANAN, SIRIPHAN KHATKUMHAENG, PRANOM WONGMEUNRAT, BUSSARAKUM INTASUK & THANAPHAN NA CHIEANGMAI


The purposes of this quasi-experimental research were: 1) to improve English learning and teaching in schools from the practicum school network of Lampang Rajabhat University, Lampang, Thailand; and 2) to launch the co-operative network for improving the learning and teaching of English from individuals, schools, communities and the like. The samples were 147 Grade Five students of the six primary schools in Lampang Province. Those schools were selected purposively and the students were treated as the experimental group using task-based learning (TBL) activities. The achievement tests were assigned to the students both before and after the commencement of the lessons. After the five-week teaching, the participants were assigned to answer the questionnaire on their satisfaction towards TBL and their teachers. Moreover, the university students who volunteered to teach those school children were assigned to evaluate their attitudes towards their teaching using TBL. The researchers observed the classroom atmosphere and the interaction between the teachers and the students and between the students themselves. The findings revealed that the school children’s communicative skills after the lessons were developed significantly and it can be concluded that both Grade Five students and the university students were satisfied with TBL activities and their classroom interaction.

Keywords: English for communicative skills, task-based learning (TBL), primary  school  students

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