‘Educational Films: Path to Enhance the EFL Learners’ Metaphoric Competence’ by Gholam Reza Tabatabaee


Metaphoric language is an important aspect of second language, and the importance of developing metaphoric competence has attracted many scholars’ interest, recently. It has been repeatedly emphasized by scholars that the implications of metaphoric competence for second language learning should be scrupulously examined. This paper reports on a study carried out to inspect the enhancement of metaphoric competence in EFL learners. In this study 24 upper-intermediate EFL learners were chosen to be exposed to the educational films of Top-Notch series with the high density of metaphoric expressions. They were supposed to be able to produce metaphoric language properly at the end of the study. The findings revealed that it was possible to boost EFL learners’ metaphoric competence in classroom setting through motivating them with the use of films.

Keywords: EFL Learners, Metaphoric Competence, Conceptual Fluency, Film

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