‘English Language Teaching in Indian Rural Colleges’ by Kummari Krushna Prasad


Teaching and learning of English in the Indian rural background has always been a daunting and challenging task for the simple reason that English is not the first language in this context. Because of that students hailing from rural areas feel it very difficult to learn English. In the classroom context teaching of English is done through the mother tongue of the learners and they are used to bilingual method. Most of these students of rural areas are good at writing and reading but they are poor in speaking and listening. All these four skills are necessary for proficiency in the English language. One of the main defects of teaching English in the rural areas is that the teachers often resort to translation method instead of using advanced techniques such as charts, flashcards, PPTs, audio/video records, etc. The training given to the students tends to be purely theoretical and bookish. This paper seeks to develop a perspective on the teaching and learning of English in the rural colleges of India by taking into account the methods and techniques of teaching English, the materials used, the policies governing the teaching of English, teacher training, administration of academic programmers, student expectations from their colleges, and their preparedness and performance on campus as well as off campus. The paper also proposes to make some useful suggestions on the basis of deep study and long experience of the author as a teacher, for the strengthening of ELT in the rural context.

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