‘Evaluation of English Textbooks in High School and Pre-university Based on Table of Content and Course Objectives’ by Maryam Ghane Shirazi & Mostafa Zamanian


Teachers, learners, textbooks and contexts are the main four facets in educational context. Among these factors, textbooks act as the crucial one in English Language Teaching, particularly while English is considered as the Foreign Language. In Iran, EFL classes in school period are supposed to be the primary source of linguistic input for students. Taking these points into consideration, the present study carries out the evaluation of the last four English books the Iranian students study in high school and pre-university based on their table of content. The result showed the disparity that exists between high school English books and pre-university one. The former aims to make English known to the students with the great emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, while the latter focuses on reading comprehension.

Index Terms: English Language Teaching, English as a Foreign Language, Textbook, Textbook Evaluation

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