‘Evaluation of Two ESP textbooks for Nursing Students’ – Fatemeh Alipanahi & Neda Ghorbani


This study aimed at evaluating the quality of two ESP textbooks: English for the Students of Nursing and Medical Terminology, and also comparing them from the viewpoints of students and teachers who used them in order to provide a clear picture of the current status of these textbooks. In this research, two forms of survey questionnaires were utilized to elicit the viewpoints of the participants including 54 nursing students and 1 teacher. Students’ questionnaire comprised of 23 items and teacher’s questionnaire comprised of 38 items which explored 7 main parts: practical considerations, layout and design, activities, skills, language type, subject and content and conclusion. There were also the students’ profile and needs analysis forms. Three kinds of computations were done on the gathered data: per-statement analysis, per-classification analysis, and two paired samples t-test to elicit the attitudes of the students and their teacher regarding these two textbooks, ESN and MT. The results indicated that teacher and students were not satisfied with most of the criteria which English for the Students of Nursing should fulfill. Moreover, the results showed no significant difference between the students’ and teacher’s opinions.

Index Terms: ESP; Materials; Materials evaluation; Textbook evaluation.

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