‘Exploring Language Teacher’s Roles: Personal Theories and Practices’ by Satyawan Polist


The role and function of the language teacher has been a matter of continuous debate and discussion. A teacher, across the language teaching history, has emerged as Passive Technician, Reflective Practitioners, and Transformative Intellectuals. The teacher has been variously referred to as an artist and an architect; a scientist and a psychologist; a manager and a mentor; a controller and a counselor; a sage on the stage; a guide on the side. Every teacher has personal beliefs that bring the unique contribution to the learning situation. Teachers are not merely passive technician who dutifully execute a given set of teaching procedures rather active participants in the creation of classroom realities. A teacher assumes various roles like classroom management, interaction with learners, error correction and evaluation. Apart from this, managing large classes and use of technology in the class is another challenge for the teacher. An in-service teacher training is essential for teachers’ professional development and teaching competences.

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