‘Exploring Short Stories to Design Tasks for Developing Language Profi-ciency and Life Values’ – Dr. P. Bharathi & Dr. V. Aparna Reddy


English language teaching in Engineering colleges has the dual aim of developing proficiency in language skills and inculcating ethical values. This can be done effectively by adapting authentic literary texts and designing tasks to achieve the aims. It is a common conviction that language and literature are complementary to each other where language gives meaning and shape to the ideas and emotions that are culturally bound. So language cannot be taught in isolation where it becomes incomplete and perilous. In this paper a short story by O. Henry, “The Last Leaf “ is selected and  various  tasks   pertaining to  developing language skills as well as ethical values  are presented . Tasks related to character building, soft skills and sensitivity to life values are highlighted where by the interest of students in language learning can be enhanced.

Keywords: ELT, ESL.

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