Impact of Societal Factors and New Linguistic Theories on Paradigm Shifts in ELT: An Overview (Volume 3 – Issue 6)



Language teaching in twentieth century has witnessed frequent change and innovation in language teaching paradigms. There has been a series of language teaching methods over the years, each being succeeded by a better one until we reach the present. Common to each method is the belief that the teaching practices it supports provide a more effective and theoretically sound basis for teaching than the methods that preceded it. A long term historical perspective of language teaching paradigms from the Grammar-Translation Method  to the Post Method approach shows that there is no such thing as ‘best method’. There is a link between paradigm shift in language teaching and change in scientific and societal scenario at a particular time and place. Different approaches to teaching English did not occur by chance, but in response to changing geopolitical circumstances and social attitude and values, as well as the shifts of fashion in linguistics.

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