‘Interaction Hypothesis: A Comprehensive Theory of SLA?’ by FARID GHAEMI & NASER SALEHI


The role of interaction in second language acquisition has always been controversial. A bunch of theories have been proposed as to the role of “nature” or “nurture” in SLA. Interaction Hypothesis (IH) introduced by Long accepts the role of “nurture” in SLA claiming that negotiation of meaning through interaction can facilitate the process of language learning. In this review, the IH will be evaluated according to Jordan’s Guidelines for theory construction in SLA. The findings show that IH generally conforms to the Guidelines and, apart from some shortcomings, can be considered a progress toward constructing a comprehensive theory of SLA. Finally, Ellis’s Interactionist Theory, a combination of IH and socio-cultural theory, is suggested as an updated version of IH.

Key words: Interaction Hypothesis, Second Language Acquisition, SLA theory

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