‘Investigating the Concept of Politeness among the Students of Junior and Senior High Schools’ by Razzagh Kiyani & Mehdi Bagheri Hariry


The purpose of the present study is to investigate the concept of politeness among the students in secondary schools, namely junior and senior high schools. The research method is descriptive and that of content analysis. For the purpose of the study 1000 students participated from both junior and senior high schools. In the first step a Discourse Completion Test (D.C.T) were distributed among the speakers of both groups. Then making use of Blum kulka measure (1989), the requests of both student groups were examined. The analysis and investigation of the findings of the DCT test suggest that in some cases the speakers of junior high school use more indirect approaches compared to their counterparts in senior high school and therefore are more polite. Besides, the study indicates that some of the following reported items are absent in the aforementioned measure: lack of response to a request, providing preparatory sentences, using polite addressed forms and taboo words.

Key Words: Politeness, Indirectness, Discourse Completion Test, Students.

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