‘Iranian Children’s Systematic Sentential Word Order within P & P Model’ by Masoome Zolfaghari & Ahmad Reza Lotfi


The purpose of this study is to explore whether (a) sentential word order in Persian speaking children under the age of school is significant and systematic and (b) there are any significant differences between children and adults with regard to their sentential word order. In order to collect the relevant data 30 Iranian males (3-5) year of age participated. A pictorial book was given to them to take a look at its pictures and narrate the story in their own sentences. Their sentences recorded and transcribed for syntactical analyses. Sentences classified as (statements, imperatives, negative, active, passive, interrogative, exclamatory and declarative).The results investigated and analyzed within P&P model .The results show that in this sample and small group, there are some salient differences between Persian adults and children at the time of producing and uttering different kind of sentences.

Keywords: Language Acquisition, Sentential Word Order, Persian Children, P&P Model

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