‘Issues in ESP (English for Specific Purposes)’ by Mohammad Kaosar Ahmed


The acronym ESP has had an evolution of its own. It offers a theoretically sound and practical approach to deal with the urgent need for professional communication on a global scale today. The demand for the teaching of English for clearly stated aims gives birth to the ESP movement which instigates the teachers to come up with specific demands imposed by the learner’s personal need. Thus, the teacher becomes an ESP practitioner who facilitates learner autonomy to lay the basis of a life-long engagement with language experiences. Reviewing existing literature, this paper attempts to summarize the key issues in ESP including ESP definition, origin, characteristics, types, teacher/practitioner, benefits; and the place of register analysis, special language as a concept, discourse analysis, target situation analysis, skills and strategies, and needs analysis in the ESP discourse.

Key Words: Special Language, Register & Discourse Analysis, Target Situation Analysis, Needs Analysis

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