‘Learners’ Beliefs about English Language Learning: Exploring the Role of Gender and Field of Study on Beliefs of Non-English Major EFL Students’ by Hadiseh Bagherzadeh


The current study aims at examining the effect of gender on beliefs of non-English major EFL students. Also it seeks to investigate whether or not the field of study influences the beliefs of non-English majors in English language learning. The participants surveyed in this study were 125 (86 female and 39 male) Iranian non-English majors who were studying in biology, geography, accounting and science. The translated version of Beliefs about Language Learning Inventory (BALLI) was administered to collect the required data sets. Statistical procedures used to analyze data revealed that there is a significant difference among the aptitude of the four groups of participants. Also results indicate that students of the four fields of study (biology, geography, accounting and science) did not express different views concerning difficulty, nature, communication strategies and motivation. The results obtained in this study also demonstrate that there is no significant difference among the belief of students in different fields of study on these five sections of belief questionnaire. There is also no significant difference between males and females. The interaction between male and female students in these disciplines shows that these are significantly different in the foreign language aptitude and the nature of language learning.

Keywords:  Learners’ beliefs about language learning, beliefs about language learning, learning beliefs, language learning beliefs, beliefs, attitude.

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