‘Literacy Skills of Tribal Students of Wayanad: Influence of Home Environment’ by Fr. Bennichan J& Dr. V.M. Subramanian


Academic results reflect the socio-economic-psychological background of learners. The present study is based on the research done among the tribal high school learners of Wayanad regarding their English language skills. Language skill assessment and collection of personal profile including socio-economic status (SES) were conducted among 200 select students equally from Paniya, Kurichiya, Kuruma, Kattunaicka and Adiya tribes, attending class IX in Wayanad schools. Previous studies had already established that SES affects student’s outcomes. The present study underlines the theory using quantitative and qualitative methods. After analyzing the reading and writing scores, the influence of SES is established using SPSS Pearson Correlation method.

Key words: Home environment, Literacy skills, Socio-economic status, Tribal ELT, Wayanad.

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