‘Materials to Develop Microskills and Macroskills: Are There Any Principles?’ by Mohammad Reza Mozayan


This paper introduces the concepts of microskills and macroskills mostly used in materials development and language teaching, the former being a set of subskills or enabling skills or part skills delineating skills at the sentence level and the latter designating skills at the discourse level comprising listening, speaking, reading and writing. The paper holds that this formulation is actually essential to determine in details the kind of things our learners need to learn and perform. However, pointing out that these skills cannot be pigeon-holed in a clear-cut atomistic way, it later attempts to address the principles mostly inspired from SLA as well as teaching and learning theories which are needed to be taken into consideration while developing materials. It, moreover, asserts that in the case of deficiencies in the curriculum, it is also the competent and qualified teachers who can often compensate for the materials they utilize in their teaching.

Index Terms: microskills, macroskills, principles, SLA theory.

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