‘Medical Students’ Critical Thinking Ability, Study Skills, and Their English Proficiency’ by Mansoor Fahim & Mohammad Reza Mozayan


The purpose of this study was to detect the critical thinking (CT) ability, personal study skills (PSS) habits, and English proficiency of the medical students and to identify the existence of any significant relationship among them. The survey involved 68 Iranian participants who had already passed Pre-University and General English courses and succeeded in completing the relating questionnaires. Finally, their English proficiency was rated as acceptable, PSS as unsatisfactory, and their CT ability as mediocre. No significant relationship was observed between the students’ PSS and English proficiency. Also, no significant relationship was identified between the participants’ CT ability and their English proficiency.  However, a significant relationship could be found between students’ CT ability and PSS habits. The paper finally suggests the teachability of CT and some ways to ameliorate PSS condition.

Keywords: critical thinking (CT), personal study skills (PSS), English proficiency

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