‘Modification of Words and Vocabulary Learning Techniques’ by H. Naseema Parveen, S. Esther Cynthia & Dr. A.S. Mohamed Rafee


This article explores the modification and significance of a word and a series of changes it undergoes in the form and meaning thereby originating into new words termed vocabulary. This modification or change occurs when there is an addition of a unit of a word or morpheme. The process it undergoes in the formation of a new vocabulary, its need and significance are clearly stated. Its implication in learning a language and a few recommendations are also discussed with the help of a few activities. The activities were experimented on rural and semi – urban students who were pursuing engineering courses at tertiary level. These activities helped them in comprehending the meaning and definition of vocabulary which was wrongly construed by them as high sounding or tough words. They were also able to use the modified words in different contexts thus developing their communicative competence thereby enhancing their level of confidence.

Index Terms: Modification, Formation, Vocabulary, Activities, Communicative Competence and Confidence.

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