‘On-The-Job Training Courses and EFL Teachers’ Reflection’ by Elham Babaee & Davood Mashhadi Heidar


Considering the importance of teachers’ ability in thinking and solving classroom problems, the current study aimed at finding the effects of on-the-job training courses on teachers’ reflection. For this purpose, 20 teachers were selected and these subjects were randomly divided into two experimental and control groups. The researcher gave a pretest of reflection to both groups of teachers to obtain information on the teachers’ attitudes toward reflection and reflective teaching. Then the experimental group took part in in-service training program, but control group continued their job by existing method. When the OJT course was over, the posttest of reflection was administered among both experimental and control groups. Paired-sample t-Test and Independent sample t-Test between the scores of pretest and posttest were used to analyse and calculate the scores. The results of statistical analysis showed that there was a great progress in the reflection ability of those teachers who took part in teachers’ training course.

Index Terms: EFL Learners, On-the-job Training, Reflection, Teacher.

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