‘On the Representation of Multiple Intelligences in ESP Text Books: The Case of English for the Students of Nursing Published by SAMT’ by Saman Ebadi & Soroor Ashtarian


The present study aimed at investigating the extent to which Multiple Intelligences (MI) are reflected in the domestically designed ESP textbook namely, English for the Students of Nursing published by SAMT. To this end, a multiple intelligences checklist developed by Razmjoo and Jozhaghi (2010) was used to examine the selected textbook in relation to different intelligences as reflected through various activities and tasks. The course book was evaluated and frequencies and percentages of occurrence of each type of intelligences were calculated. The results indicated that verbal intelligence was represented in most activities followed by logical intelligence while other intelligence types were not reflected in any of the activities. The pedagogical implications of the findings of the study highlight the fact that policy makers, administrators, and materials developers especially those involved in developing materials for ESP courses in Iran need to consider the necessity of applying all intelligence types in designing the ESP textbooks. Adapting other internationally developed materials which are rich in representing multiple intelligences is also recommended as an alternative for ESP material developers in Iran.

Index Terms: ESP, Course book Evaluation, Multiple Intelligences, Nursing

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