‘Phonological Contrastive Analysis of Consonant and Vowel Phonemes of R.P. and GIE with Special Focus on Gujarati Phonology’ by Paresh Joshi


Present paper is an endeavor to investigate underlying differences in segmental phonology of Received Pronunciation (RP) and General Indian English (GIE) with special focus on Gujarati English Phonology (GEP). The analysis takes into consideration peculiar features of all the three phonologies i.e. RP, GIE and phonology of Gujarati English.

Although a contrastive analysis of RP and GIE brings out gross phonological peculiarities of all the Indian Speakers of English including Gujarati Speakers of English (GSE), the rationale for such a contrastive analysis is to arrive at gross segmental phonological features which are very peculiar to Gujarati Speakers of English (GSE) under the influence of Gujarati phonology with a view to devising pedagogical strategies to resolve pronunciation problems pertaining to segmental phonology there by enhancing the international intelligibility of GSE.

Key Words: Contrastive Analysis, Supra-Segmental Phonology, General Indian English (GIE), Gujarati English Phonology (GEP), Non-native speakers (NNS), Native Speakers, Guajarati Speakers of English, and Received Pronunciation (RP).

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