‘Scopes and implications of Strategic Competence for improving oral skills of Bangladeshi English language learners’ by Md. Jahirul Islam & Ziaul Hasan


A prevalent notion is voiced continually by the educators, guardians and ELT practitioner that despite having a substantial amount of formal education, instructions and practice in English, learners’ oral skills have not developed. While studying M.A in ELT, I came across to the terminology ‘Strategic Competence’ (SC) from the paper of Thurrell and Dorneyi and learnt about its efficacy in terms of promoting the fluency and conversational skills. Hence, this paper is a sort of feasibility study of the scopes and implications of SC in terms of improving the oral skills of Bangladeshi English Language Learners (BELLs) who seemed to be plagued by the lack of fluency and conversational skills. In this paper, at first, I will look at SC and its significance in the efficient oral communication then at the existing problems of the Bangladeshi Speaking skill teaching and learning programs and finally the potentials and implications of SC in terms of developing the oral skills of BELLs.

Index Terms: ELT Learners, English Language Teaching.

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