‘Session Planning in (English Language) Teaching: A Paradigm Shift towards Three-tiered Integrated Pedagogy and Management of Teaching’ by Govind B. Dave


Teaching, particularly, (English Language) Teaching has passed through a very critical period. Right from Policy decisions of incorporating English into various curricula to Pedagogical Issues and concerns; from various types of courses to methods of teaching; and from course content to session planning. Session Planning is considered to be an essential and important component of teaching practices. It not only makes the teaching – learning process more focused but also adds to the creativity of the teacher and the learner in the classroom. It helps the teacher decide approaches taking into consideration the requirements of the course and individual learners. Thus, in a way, it forms bedrock of effective teaching in the classroom. It helps the teacher manage his / her teaching and move ahead in the three-tiered pedagogy concerning planning, teaching and evaluation. The paper focuses upon the need and the importance of session planning with reference to Teaching in general and (English Language) Teaching in particular. It also shows how it gifts the curriculum and its pedagogy a move / shift in its paradigm from random teaching to more planned / managed and focused learner – centric teaching.

Keywords: Curriculum, Pedagogy, Management of Teaching, (English Language) Teaching, Teaching Methods, and Session Planning

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