‘A Comparison of Learners’ and Teachers’ Attitudes towards Communicative Language Teaching in Iran’ by Ashraf Hosseini Breshneh & Mohammad Javad Riasati


Around the world need for good communication skills in English has created an enormous require for English teaching. Many people today want to improve their control of English or to ensure that their children achieve a good successful completion of English. And chances to learn English are provided in many different ways such as through formal instruction, travel, and study abroad, as well as through the media and the Internet. An increase in worldwide need for English has created a huge demand for quality language teaching and language teaching materials and resources. Learners set themselves demanding goals. They want to be able to overcome English to a high level of accuracy and fluency. In an attempt to let learners’ voices be heard, this study compares learners’ and teachers’ attitudes towards four factors relating to Communicative Language Teaching: the importance of grammar; the quality and quantity of error correction; the use of group work and pair work; and the role of teacher in the classroom. It also investigated the reasons behind attitudes the teacher and learners held toward CLT. For this purpose, an explanatory mixed method research was conducted. The first-phase quantitative study investigated teachers’ and learners’ attitudes toward CLT, while the second phase qualitative study explored the reasons underlying the teachers’ and learners’ attitudes toward CLT. Result of the data analysis showed that there were significant differences between the teacher and the learner participants about CLT, in general and the principles of grammar and error correction. The results of the interview showed that the teacher participants were familiar with CLT and agreed with this method of teaching. According to the findings from the interviews, the learner participants pointed out that both grammar and communicative activities are important but grammar should be taught indirectly.

Index Terms: Communicative Language Teaching, EFL learners’ teachers` attitudes, CLT principles.

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