‘Modes of Learning English as a Second Language and the Role of Motivation: A case study on the second year students of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna’ – Dr. Mrs. Shanmugayogini Ravindran


The introduction of technology has altered the modes of learning and teaching of English as a second language. More and more online courses are being introduced. The learners find short cuts to obtain diploma and degree certificates. The private tuition centers too are becoming a challenge to face to face modes of learning. Unlike the earlier times the present day learners and teachers of ESL face a lot of challenges. Hence they need to be stimulated to learn and teach ESL.

The current study is aimed at exploring the role of motivation in ESL learning on the second year students of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna.  Fifteen members of staff from the English Language  Teaching Centre  were interviewed and sixty  second year students were administered a questionnaire comprising 20 item rating from ‘very interesting’ to ‘boring’. It was hypothesized that motivation plays a crucial role in learning ESL. The hypothesis was tested using the data collected from the questionnaire survey and interview with the staff and the results have been discussed in favour of the research questions formed in this study. The study revealed the fact that motivation plays an important role in learning ESL.

Keywords: Modes of learning, motivation, ESL.

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