‘Hitches in English Language Learning among Engineering Students’ by Dr. S. Radhika


As English teachers we were not satisfied when we return after the class to our seats. There appears a lacuna in the teaching-learning process. English is seen and is taught as a subject and not as a language. The paper aims to throw light on the factors of impediments in English language learning among the engineering students and to find possible solu-tions to overcome the hindrances. The three factors that determine the success of language learning process are: Classroom, Students and Teachers. The availability of resources in the classroom, the attitude of the learners and the methodology used by the teachers are considered the reasons or obstacles in the language learning process. Adequate facilities in the class-room, students’ mindset to learn the language and the innovative teaching practices by the teachers may enhance the teach-ing-learning process and helps the students to acquire the English language like their L1.

Index terms: Language- impediments- learning- engineering- teaching- English

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