‘Methods to Post Method: Need for Overhauling Teacher Education’ by Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Choudhary & Rajni Singh


Attempts have been made to find a solution for bridging the gap between the actual and the expected outcomes of English language teaching at various levels. ELT experts over the time have tried to address this issue by prescribing and implementing new teaching approaches and methods because an effective English teaching was thought to be about using a method correctly by applying its prescribed principles and techniques. However at the end of 20th century Professor Kumaravadivelu’s concept of Post Method has initiated a fresh discussion on relevance of teaching approaches and methods. Today the discussion on Post Method teaching has gained enormous significance since both teachers as well as students are coming to the class everyday with lots of new experiences gained by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT).This paper tries to examine the existing teacher education programme in the light of current discussion on Post Method English language teaching and highlights the need for overhauling it so that it could address the challenges arising due to emergence and growth of ICT.

Index Terms: ELT, Post Method, ICT, teacher education programme, new challenges.

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