‘Self-Assessment of Oral Proficiency among ESL Learners’ by Dr. Smriti Singh


In India English is an important language occupying a high position for a few reasons as mentioned here: meeting
new people and communicating with others, career and travel opportunities and improving one’s academic performance in other subjects. Teaching of any language requires an assessment to check its successful delivery. Generally assessments and exams are written in nature conducted by external bodies and test only a few language skills like writing and reading. Oral skills get neglected and good grades in writing or reading skills do not necessarily mean excellence in oral proficiency. This is where the role of self -assessment comes in. Self-assessment means judging the quality of your own performance based on specific criteria. This paper will discuss the benefits of self-assessment and try to answer the following: What oral proficiency is and how it relates to one’s language learning goals? What guidelines can be used to rate one’s speaking ability?

Index Terms: English in India, ELT, Self-assessment.

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