‘An Assessment of ICT Integration in English Language Learning: A Glimpse of Student’s Perspective in HEI’ by Dr. Suma Sreedhar & Jarikre Amos O.


The integration of Information and Communication Technologies in education are as a result of its impact’s and growth in advancing the educational sector. With the advent of various technologies emerging which are valuable and usable in Higher Education Institutes, there is concern about how students could see the emerging changes being integrated as part of their English Language lessons. The paper seeks to determine student assessment of ICT integration in teaching English Language in Theem College of Engineering, Maharashtra, India by looking at its relevance and barriers associated with its integration. A total of 100 students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year were selected for the study using purposive and simple random sampling. Data collection and analysis was done using questionnaire and simple statistical technique. Findings indicated that ICT integration in English Language teaching encourages and motivate the students to learn and enhance their communication skills. The study also revealed that Information and Communication Technology integration in English Language teaching in the college increases student’s eagerness in self-learning of the subject with interactive digital materials and multimedia elements available. It’s recommended that e-library mobile app should be provided for free and easy downloads to all students and also ICT training should be given to students on the use of the e-library and any new pedagogical to be introduced.

Keywords: ICT, Multimedia elements, English Language, Internet, e-library.

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