‘The Effect of Gender on Realization of Refusal of Suggestion in Formal and Informal Situations among Iranian EFL Learners’ by Fariba Hedayatnejad & Behzad Rahbar


The knowledge of the speech acts of refusals has the crucial role in daily communication to save the interlocutor’s face and to be polite. This study aimed at investigating the gender differences in realization of the usage of refusal strategies of suggestion in formal and informal situations.  The participants consisted of 60 (30 females and 30 males) at intermediate level. The applied instrument in this study was Discourse Completion Test. Based on chi- square analysis, the realization of applied strategies of the refusal of suggestion depended on the different social distances. The frequency of realized and applied strategies in refusals was not statistically different between the female and male learners.

Key words: Gender; Formal and informal situation; Refusal strategies; Speech acts of refusals; Suggestion

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