‘An Exploration of Sources of Foreign Language Listening Comprehension Problems from University Student’s Perspectives’ – Mansooreh Mallah, Khadijeh Jafari & Seyyed Hassan Seyyed Rezaee


In spite of the importance of listening as the most challenging skill for students, there is less research about listening problems of EFL learners as compared with other language skills. The aim of this study, therefore, was to examine Iranian EFL students’ listening comprehension problems from students’ point of views. Fifty male and female students studying English at Islamic Azad University of Gorgan, Golestan Province, Iran voluntarily took part in this study. A teacher-made questionnaire with 26 items on students’ listening problem was developed. The results of questionnaire indicated that listener-related factor (e.g., lack of concentration, long texts and existence of noise) was the main source of listening comprehension problem among these students. The second source of problems related to speaker included bad accent and existence of hesitation in spoken text. The third groups of problems related to the content of listening text included unfamiliarity with topic, feeling fatigue while listening to long texts, and difficulty in understanding the idioms; and the last source of problem was related to linguistic features such as not distinguishing the word boundaries and the signals of changing from one point to another point. The findings of the present research may raise both students’ and teachers’ awareness regarding university EFL students’ listening comprehension problems.

Index Terms: listening comprehension problems, EFL students

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