Effects of Implicit Versus Explicit Vocabulary Instruction on Intermediate EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Knowledge (Volume 3 – Issue 6)



The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether implicit instruction of vocabulary is more effective than explicit instruction. Also, it was of interest to the researchers to find out, between the two different methods of explicit instruction of vocabulary, which method was more useful in learning the meaning of the intended vocabulary. To this purpose, thirty five Iranian EFL learners participated in the three treatment sessions implicit instruction, explicit instruction through giving marginal glossary and explicit instruction by checking words in dictionaries.The results  showed  that the difference among the mean scores of the three groups were statistically meaningful. The subjects with explicit instruction 1 and explicit instruction 2 performed better as compared with subjects who received implicit instruction. Between the two explicit methods of vocabulary instruction, checking words in the dictionary  led to better learning  of vocabulary as compared with giving marginal glossary. The results will be insightful for both teachers and material developers in designing appropriate materials and activities for teaching vocabulary.

Key words: Implicit instruction, explicit instruction, vocabulary knowledge

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