‘Teaching Protocols Effect on EAP Comprehension: Efficacy of Translation, Schema, and Strategy’ – Maryam Jebelli & Massoud Taj Al Dini


Regarding teaching reading comprehension, there are different suggested protocols. Three of the commonest are named as translation, schematic knowledge, and the application of strategies. This study aims to investigate the efficacy of each protocol and propose the best one. Two hundred medicine student volunteers were called upon to participate in Oxford Placement Test. Then according to the test guideline, intermediate participants were distributed in three groups and all participated in pre-test. Ten treatment sessions (in total 45 hours) were conducted and then all took part in post-test. Regarding the post-test, between translation and schema, there is not any statistically significant difference, between translation and strategy, using reading strategies is more effective, and in the case of schema and strategy, both methods can be useful regarding medical texts. This study can be useful for pedagogical policy makers, curriculum and syllabus designers as well as materials developers, and language teachers.

Index Terms: Translation, Teaching Protocols, EAP, Reading Comprehension, Schema, Strategy.

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