‘Critical Appraisal of ELT in ESP/EAP Programs’ by Elham Tavakoli, Anita Lashkarian & MohammadReza Mozayan


This study makes an attempt to introductorily differentiate between theory and practice in ESP/EAP and General English courses and illuminates some less-paid-attention-to facts connected to it. Later the difference between these courses is posed in terms of needs analysis and the concept of learner-centeredness in these programs. The connection between Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and ESP/EAP courses is also discussed in length. The study then tries to see rather deeply into the perspectives of some prominent as well as other Iranian researchers about the history and the existing status of ESP/EAP programs in Iran both before and after the Islamic Revolution. A brief reference to the evaluation of these programs as well the as the materials used in these courses is also made. In the end, the study appraises the shortcomings of these programs and then suggestions are made so as to ameliorate the condition.

Index terms: communicative language teaching, ESP/EAP, general English, needs analysis, theory and practice

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