‘The Impact of Using Different Forms of Pre-listening Activities on Iranian EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension’ by Moslem Ehsanjou & Mohammadreza Khodareza


Pre-listening activities are some introductory activities that familiarize students with the topic and activate their background knowledge on the content. The aim of this paper was to analyze how pre-listening activities (preview of questions & studying unfamiliar vocabularies) could be useful in developing listening comprehension and which one is more effective and helpful as pre-listening. The research was conducted on sixty Iranian EFL learners, in Aryanmehr Educational Association (Iran, Sari), who studied English courses for 3 years. Such students were exposed to listening training designed by researcher for one month. The results indicated that preview of questions as an pre-listening activity can be effective in teaching listening comprehension and studying unfamiliar vocabularies has no significant effect on improving learners’ listening comprehension. Therefore, the present study provides essential information for EFL teachers about the effectiveness of pre-listening and therefore, useful tips for successful teaching listening.

Key Words: Background knowledge, Bottom-up process, Schema, Top down process, Vocabulary pre-teaching.

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