‘Upgradation of Language learning of Rural Indian Students through Mobile Apps: A Case study’ by Dr.Suneetha.Y, Mr.A.K.GopiKrishna & Mr.Kousar Basha


Education and technology should co-evolve in mutually supportive ways. While people tend to think of education as perpetually lagging behind technology, there are numerous instances in which education has prompted technical innovation. Mobile devices permeate our daily lives, providing unparalleled access to communication and information. It seems clear that the future of mobile learning lies in a world where technology is more accessible, affordable and connected than it is today, especially in serving rural student populations who may not have adequate technology access. This paper explores six best mobile apps and examined the viability.  This study scrutinized how EL teachers and their students used the mobile app – Rosetta stone at rural level to support their teaching and learning. Further, the potential benefits of using such mobile app as a teaching and learning tool have been investigated. The target students are 25 selected girl students from A.P.(Andhra Pradesh) Tribal Welfare Junior College for Girls, Mahanandi, India. In a nutshell, it is an attempt to provide practical solutions to improve their levels by adopting technological methods such as mobile apps.

Index Terms: Mobile app, English Language learning, Language skills, Rural learners

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