‘Strategies for Language learning through skill based approach for Engineering Courses’ by N. Hema & K. K. Tamilarasan


Engineering education requires an applicative rather than mere absorption of facts and information. Processing and reprocessing of facts intensify learning that enables better understanding which leads to the ability of application through innovation and creativity. Language serves as a conduit in the above process of engineering learning. This paper speaks about a skill based inclusive approach of theoretical and practical aspects for teaching and learning English in a comprehensive manner. Skill based approach unlike other approaches, requires periodical review of the derived tasks and objectives. This paper shifts the general attention from language learning to language acquisition. This is being projected with an idea to leverage the process of teaching – learning English in a practical as well as suitable way. Skill development mechanisms, verification process, sample analysis and concrete recommendations on further improvement are also discussed as a part of this paper.

Index Terms: Skill based approach, language learning and acquisition

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