‘Dynamic Assessment: An Indication of Diagnostic Approach in Reading Comprehension of Iranian EFL Learners’ by Narges Zarinkamar & Jila Naeini


The present study attempted to investigate the effectiveness of dynamic assessment on EFL students’ reading comprehension. The subjects included 60 female and male students of two different classes that were passing general English course at Alaodole Semnani Institute of higher education as control and experimental groups. In the experimental group, the intervention took place during four sessions. Some mediation like strategies were taught each session while going through a teacher made reading text. Meanwhile, the students’ development of reading comprehension was dynamically assessed. In the control group a traditional type of assessment was utilized; in other words, only a summative test was given to the participants. At the end of the experiment, the posttest was administrated to the both groups and then the result of the tests were compared and analyzed. The analyzed data showed that dynamic assessment had significant on reading comprehension of Iranian EFL learners.

Index Terms: Dynamic assessment, EFL learner, reading comprehension.

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