‘The theme of the Marginalized in the play On a Muggy Night in Mumbai by Mahesh Dattani’ by Rahul Panchal


The prominent playwrights of Indian writing in English; Mahesh Dattani occupies a unique place for bringing out real life problems on the stage. Mostly Homosexuality is considered as a taboo in the Indian society and considered to be a major problem that threatens the fabric of our society. His play On a Muggy Night in Mumbai deals with the issue of Homosexuality. It  explores Dattani’s the theme of the homosexuals community as the marginalized from Indian society with a particular focus on two parallel themes in the play – the critique of heterosexuality, and the need to remain true to one’s sexual orientation. The social exclusion faced by these sexually marginalized communities gives rise to their identity crisis. The afflictions of these homosexuals often remain invisible to the public. Mahesh Dattani in his play On a Muggy Night in Mumbai projects a vivid picture of the lives of the homosexuals. The themes of taboo relationship and homosexuality are the central motives of the plays.

Index Terms: Marginalized, taboo relationship, Homosexuality, society.

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