‘Activity Based Learning in the Government Degree Colleges of Telangana’ by Roopna Ravindran


This paper discusses the possibility of activities that can be used in Communicative English Grammar Classrooms.  The research explores the benefits of such activity based classes for vernacular medium undergraduate students in Telangana (India). English Grammar remains to be an area difficult to tackle for this group of students.  The attention span of these students seems to be very less when it is a one to one lecture method delivered in English. Learning is encouraged through activities done in pair and group work can work wonders for these students.

The main objective of this study is to help undergraduate students learn communicative grammar through activity based learning. Activities can create curiosity in students and this slowly will lead to an interest towards learning Communicative English Grammar. Activities conducted in pairs and groups help students to shed their inhibitions. No single person is made to face the class directly. Peer review is practised and each and every opinion is taken well into consideration.

Activities to learn Tenses, Prepositions, Speech, and Voices etc. are discussed upon and an analysis of the feedback is also made.  Activities help students to reinforce the grammar techniques in their mind and also later relate them into real life situations. They make students interact with fellow classmates. So without literally imbibing the rules of grammar students are made to communicate in the activity based platform.

Keywords: Activity, Learning Methodology, Grammar, Pair, Group

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