Attitudes to Varieties of English: The Postcolonial Scenario (Volume 3 – Issue 6)


The spread of English across the globe is a unique phenomenon. From the language of the one-time colonial masters it has emerged to be the choice of the people all around. It is no more looked upon as a colonial imposition rather a passport to better employment and a medium for cross cultural communication. One of the most notable results of the global diffusion of English is its nativization which in turn has given birth to varieties of English. Despite the growth of democratic values and an acceptance of differences, these varieties are not ranked the same by many. There are those who valorize them and there are those who denigrate them. This paper looks at such varying attitudes to the varieties of English and tries to analyze the reasons behind the fostering of such attitudes.

Key words: global diffusion, varieties, denigrating attitude, valorizing attitude, native speaker, non- native speaker

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