‘Evaluating American English File Text Books Based on Cunningsworth’s Criteria’ by Saeideh Shahriari & Amir Reza Nemat Tabrizi


This study evaluated American English File text books based on Cunnings Worth (1995) model. A sum of 45 English learners and 20 teachers were selected from the total population of the available intermediate and advanced students at Shokouh English Institute in Kerman. Then, a checklist in the form of a questionnaire, which was adapted primarily from Cunningsworth’s (1995) checklist, was distributed among the teachers and students. The items of the questionnaire were developed according to 14 categories which were mentioned by Cunningsworth (1995). Using SPSS 16.0, the researcher evaluated both students’ and teachers’ answers based on the differences in the students answers according to their gender and also on the differences between teachers’ and students’ answers to the same questionnaire. The study was carried out and data was analyzed using an independent t-test to evaluate the teachers’ and students’ answers to questionnaire items. The results of questionnaire showed that the American English File textbooks were perceived as adequate books and they met the standards of a good textbook based on Cunningsworth’s (1995) criteria.

Index Terms: American English File Text Books, Cunningsworth’s criteria, Textbook Evaluation

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